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  • Members of the CARE4C consortium attended the conference "Forests in Science, Practice and Education" from 18th to 19th of June 2019 in Warsaw, Poland and presented resent research results of CARE4C. The conference was held together with the 100-years anniversary of the Faculty of Forestry Find out more about the conference and visit    

  • The 1. mid-term meeting of the CARE4C consortium was held from 16th to 18th June 2019 in Warsaw, Poland.

    Trip to BiałowieżaGroup Mid-term

  • Open House Day at TUM
    On 13th October 2018 TUM invited to the Open House Day, providing insights into the world of science by a program of experiments, tours, presentations and lectures

  • Kick-off Meeting successful
    On 12th and 13th March 2018 the kick-off meeting of CARE4C was held in Freising, Germany at TUM


Course "Airborne Lidar and drone technology for forest inventory and management"
F. Bravo
Terrestrial Laser Scanning as a tool to insight on tree allometry and interactions in Mediterranean mixed forests
M. Jacobs
Detection of tree characteristics based on  terrestrial lidar (TLS) data
M. Ziesak & P. Dietsch Drone generated data for skyline logging – which tree attributes area needed and which accuracy is possible (5.3 Mb)
S. Seifert & A. Kunneke
Pointcloud alignment: Combining LiDAR scans from different positions (0.5 Mb)
R. Alonso
Airborne LiDAR in forest management: forest inventory, fuel models and scale change (1.9 Mb)
D. Bayer
Analyzing tree allometry in pure versus mixed species stands with TLidar
J. Olivar, P. Sabín
Assessment of forest-carbon sinks and promotion of compensation systems as a tool for climate change mitigation
A. Kunneke & S. Seifert
Practical registration of point clouds (4.3 Mb)
Course "Models used in forestry for upscaling and prognosis, including models for risk and carbon accounting"
B. du Toit
The Hymo water balance model: (a) structure and application in South African plantation forests, (b) comparisons with other approaches to gauge water availability and its effect on stand productivity
M. Pardos
A model-based analysis of climate change vulnerability under a multi-objective management: application of PICUS to Pinus stands in central Spain
S. Friedrich, C. Paul & T. Knoke
Integrating risks in forest planning (0.7 Mb)
K. Bielak
The impact of different thinning scenarios on the stand structure, species composition, stability and growth: a computer-based analysis by means of Forest Simulator BWINPro (5.1 Mb)
Course "Silvicultural concepts across diverse climate zones and their implications for stand structure and dynamics"
M. del Rio
Mediterranean silviculture: constrains and challenges
B. du Toit
Forest plantation silviculture in warm, seasonally dry climates and the risks posed by climate change
G. Tonon, F. Giammarchi
Protection forestry in the Alpine mountain region: an overview
K. Bielak, S. Drozdowski
Close-to-nature silviculture in the European Boreal Forests: adaptation and mitigation strategies under climate change

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